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Q: Where can I find the courses offered for Summer Session? Do you have a brochure with all of the summer courses?

A: As a Visiting Student (non-TCNJ), you can find a catalog of all the available Summer Session courses on our Courses page. For the most up-to-date course information, please refer to TCNJ PAWS.

At this time, we do not have a summer session brochure. All of our course listings can be found on this website.

As a current matriculated TCNJ student, you can search for more available courses through your PAWS account.

Q: When will the courses for Summer Session be posted on the Web site?

A:  Course Listings for Summer 2022 are available through the Course Catalog link on this site.

Q: How many courses can I take over the summer?

A: Undergraduate students may take a maximum of four course units during the summer term, with no more than two units in a single session. Students may only take one course unit during the Summer 1 session. This policy applies to the total number of courses taken in any given term whether those classes are taken at TCNJ or at another institution during a TCNJ term. Any exception to these requirements would require Dean’s approval (

Graduate students are allowed a maximum of three courses (9 credits) in the summer. If a program requires more than the maximum load during a given semester, students must submit written permission from their academic adviser with approval from the dean of the student’s academic school at the time of registration.

Q: I’m a visiting student. Will my college or university accept TCNJ credits?

A: In order to determine if your college or university will accept TCNJ credits, you must contact your school’s registration office. TCNJ will not determine how credits will transfer to visiting students’ universities.

Q: I’m a visiting student. How do I access my PAWS account?

A: Once you are registered as a Visiting Student through our office, you will receive a confirmation letter via e-mail containing your PAWS ID. Using that number, fill in the form at the TCNJ Account Lookup to obtain your PAWS username and password.  Then, follow the instructions found on the the PAWS login help page to access your account.

Q: Once I register for a course, can it be cancelled?

A: Yes, summer courses can be cancelled due to low enrollment.  For Summer 2022, a course needs at least 8 students to run.  Instructors will be given the option to run a low-enrolled course as a special arrangement; however, they are under no obligation to do so.   If you are wondering about your course’s enrollment, the total number of students enrolled in the class can be found on PAWS. If a course is cancelled, emails will be sent to students’ TCNJ accounts.Offerings and availability to visiting students subject to change.

Q: I am an incoming first-year/transfer student accepted to start in the fall semester, BUT I am very interested to start this summer. What do I do?

A: As an incoming first year or transfer student matriculated for the fall semester, please click here  to learn how you can sign up for summer courses!

Payment & Billing

Q: Will the Office notify me when I have to pay for my course(s)?

A: All students will be electronically billed by The Office of Student Accounts to advise of the cost for summer courses as well as the established payment due date. Students will need to check their Billing Account on PAWS and pay for their courses exactly like how they pay for their Fall or Spring classes.

Visiting Students will be notified in their E-mail Confirmation Letter after they register for their course(s) of when and how to pay. Students are responsible to pay for their courses on time or run the risk of being deregistered for their course(s). Visiting students will be given their PAWS account in their e-mail confirmation, enabling them to also be able to pay for their courses on-line.

Q: Can I pay for Summer Courses with my Financial Aid? Can I pay for a course with my personal education savings plan?

A: Academic scholarships used for the academic year cannot be used for summer courses. However, the Office of Student Financial Assistance does offer various opportunities for students with financial aid to still receive money for summer courses. Students who need money for summer session should complete the Summer Financial Aid Application at

You can pay for a course through your personal education savings plan, but please be sure to contact your education savings plan administrator for guidance on what would be needed for them to issue a check to the College to pay for your summer course. Most often, they will ask you to provide them with an invoice so that they can prepare payment and mail a check to the College.

It is recommended that students who have any questions about their specific financial aid situations contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance, Green Hall 101 at 609-771-2211 or

Please refer to the Financial Aid & Assistance page for more information.

Q: If I withdraw from a course, do I still have to pay for that course?

A: Yes. There are no refunds  if you decide to withdraw from a course, and you will not receive any credit for the course (you will receive a letter grade of “W” on your transcript, signifying that you withdrew).

Students may withdraw AFTER the Add/Drop dates and BEFORE a certain date in each session. For a list of dates you may withdrawal from each summer session, please see our Dates & Fees.

Q: If I don’t attend a course that I registered for, do I still have to pay for that course?

A:  Yes. Non-Attendance in a course does not mean you have officially “dropped” the course. You are financially responsible for all courses in which you are registered. It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course during the Add/Drop Dates or withdraw from the course.

Other Summer Session Questions

Q: What should I do if I have problems with my e-mail or Canvas accounts?

A: If you have problems connecting to your TCNJ e-mail account or Canvas account, you will need to get in touch with Information Technology, TCNJ’s technology resource and support for the campus community. Call them at 609.771.2660 or visit the IT Website for more information.


Q: If I want to live on campus for the summer, where can I get information about summer housing?

A. Summer Housing is available ONLY for undergraduate TCNJ students enrolled in summer classes, TCNJ students working full-time for a college department, or TCNJ students participating in a summer program approved by the Housing Office. For full information on applying and receiving housing for the summer, please refer to the Summer Housing page.

Q: How can I preview a course’s syllabus?

Q:Where can I get something to eat during the summer?

A: Dining Services will have at least one venue available during College summer operating hours. To see what’s open on any given day, visit the Dining Services What’s Open Now page. There are, also, dining options available at Campus Town.

Q: How can I preview a course’s syllabus?

A: If you are interested in taking a look at a syllabus for a course that you’re looking to enroll in, you will need to contact the professor directly to request that information.

Summer 2023 courses coming soon. Check back in late February for more information.