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Current TCNJ Students

Registering On-Line (PAWS)

As a matriculated TCNJ Student, you are automatically eligible to register for summer classes. Students can take up to 12 credits of study for undergraduate and 9 credits for graduate. Students are also strongly advised to take only once course per summer session.

If you plan to graduate in May, and you have fulfilled ALL necessary graduation requirements but still wish to take a summer course, you MUST apply to Summer School as a Visiting Student or your graduation date will be moved to August. If you still need to complete academic requirements for your program, you must contact your Senior Academic Evaluator for summer term activation. If you have any questions about this, please speak with your academic evaluator.

You will register for Summer courses at TCNJ exactly how you register for Fall or Spring semester courses. For a more detailed description on how to enroll in classes, click here.

  1. Sign into PAWS
  2. Select the Student Center icon. Your Student Center will open.
  3. Go to the Academics tab and select “Enroll”.
  4. Choose the Summer term and enroll in courses the same way you would for Fall/Spring

Registering In-Person

Except for instances mentioned below, TCNJ students should not plan to use in-person registration to register. Please note, however, that in-person registration assistance will be available from 8:30am to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Office of Records & Registration, Green Hall 112 for students with non-web accessible courses, such as Independent Studies, Internships, and certain restricted courses.

Additional Considerations

Independent Studies & Internships:

Students should see the Department Chairperson to complete an Independent Study or Internship Enrollment Forms. Eligibility requires Junior standing and a 2.5 GPA. Students must register for Independent Study in person by bringing their Enrollment Forms to the Office of Records and Registration, Green Hall, Room 112. Registrations for Independent Study and Internships will not be accepted without a completed proposal.

Restricted Classes

Special permission is required for undergraduates to enroll in graduate courses and vice-versa. Forms are available through the Office of Graduate Studies at PAWS cannot be used to register for courses outside of the student’s academic career.

Exceeding Maximum Permitted Class Load

TCNJ undergraduate students are limited to 12 semester hours of summer study. TCNJ graduate students are limited to 9 semester hours. PAWS will not permit registration for more than 12 credit hours (9 hours for graduate students) in the Summer Session. Students can register for one course within MayMester (up to 1 unit) and up to two courses (up to 2 units) in any other summer session. Written permission from your academic Dean or Graduate Coordinator is needed. Bring that permission to Green Hall Room 112.

Registration for visiting students is open! Sign up for summer session today!