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Blended/Online Learning

judy cook photoCan’t commute to campus each day? Try a TCNJ blended or online course this summer. We’re offering 26 blended and six fully online courses in a wide range of disciplines.

Blended learning courses offer a mix of online and in-class learning, with fewer trips to campus. Blended learning courses give students the opportunity to get face-to-face time with their professors and fellow classmates, but also allow them more flexibility to take the course at their own pace. Dates vary; see PAWS for individual course dates.

Fully Online courses rely on asynchronous learning activities. As such, you will need to have daily access to the Internet, This format provides you with the opportunity to live and work at home while completing the course. As there is no face-to-face class time you must assume more responsibility for managing your learning time. You must follow the course outline carefully and complete the learning activities as scheduled. Your active participation is expected to help provide you with a rich learning experience.

The Office of Instructional Design is pleased to provide the following course listing:


  • AAH202/CLS 222 Art of Rome
  • ACC202 Managerial Accounting
  • COM370 Topics in Communications Studies

    Special Topic: Lifespan Communication
    The underlying premise of the life-span perspective is that our potential for human growth extends throughout our life course. Accordingly, life-span communication examines how communication processes (social support, language skills, interpersonal relationship management) change across one’s existence. This course will map out both normative and unexpected demographic and health events across a life-span and acknowledge how our communication processes influence and are influenced by these social experiences.

  • CSC220 Computational Problem Solving
  • ECE102 Multicultural Children’s Literature
  • ECED640 Development of Young Children
  • ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ENG212 Circuit Analysis
  • EPSY523 Advanced Child & Adolescent Growth & Development
  • FIN239 Personal Finance
  • FIN310 Introduction to Investments
  • FIN320 Financial Management: Working Capital
  • FIN330 Corporate Finance
  • FIN335 Capital Flows and Currency Crisis
  • HES351 Stress Management
  • INB260 Multinational Firms
  • INB330 Capital Flows and Currency Crisis
  • LIT233 World Drama
  • MAT096 Pre Calculus
  • MAT125 Calculus for Business & Social Science
  • MEC251 Strength of Materials
  • MIT310 Business Information Systems & Technology
  • MIT320 Database Management for Business
  • PHY144A Physics of Everyday Life
  • RDLG530 Children’s Literature: Educational Perspectives
  • RDLG579 Content Area Literacy


  • CRI256 Women in the Criminal Justice System
  • ELC251 Electronics I
  • ESLM545 English Structure & Proficiency Assessment
  • MIT201 Information Systems: Concepts & Applications
  • MUS245/AAS240 History of Jazz
  • POL230 International Relations


*Course offerings are subject to change. Please view PAWS for most up-to-date information.