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Blended/Online Learning

We are pleased to announce both blended and online learning courses that will be offered during Summer 2015.

Blended learning courses combine face-to-face and online instruction.  Students who take blended learning courses during Summer 2015 will meet on campus with their class once a week for approximately six to eight weeks (depending on the class), with the rest of the time in between devoted to learning online or independently at the student’s own pace and schedule.  Students who want to complete high-quality, TCNJ courses while living and working in their home communities will find our blended learning courses to be an ideal way for them to complete coursework during the summer.

The following courses will be offered in the Blended Learning Session:

  • ACC 202 Managerial Accounting
  • ECE 102 Multicultural Children’s Literature
  • ECO 101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ENG 212 Circuit Analysis
  • FIN 239  Personal Finance
  • FIN 310 Introduction to Investments
  • FIN 320 Financial Management: Working Capital
  • FIN 330 Corporate Finance
  • FIN 335 Capital Flows & Currency Crisis
  • HES 351 Stress Management
  • INB 260 Multinational Firms
  • INB 330 Capital Flows & Currency Crisis
  • LIT 233 World Drama
  • MIT 310 Business Information Systems and Technology
  • PHL 120 Introduction to Logic
  • PHL 230 International Relations

*Course offerings are subject to change. Further information on these courses, including their length, meeting times, and day of the week can be found via PAWS.  Simply log in to your student center on PAWS and click on the “search” link in the Student Center.